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The Advantages of Equipment Leasing

All businesses need equipment to operate and it makes sense to make monthly payments that are fully tax deductible in the same year, rather than depreciating capital costs over many years.

The problem with banks is that they are very stringent, slow to process applications, and reject 70% or more loan requests. They also do not finance pre-owned, non-vendor sales.

Did you know that equipment financing is also available to start-ups who are pre-revenue and just got their EIN? Your standard upfront contribution is 15% but a Merchant Cash Advance can often be arranged to cover that so you have no out of pocket costs for the equipment you need to get your business off the ground.

The application process is simple and rapid, and is based on your FICO score and basic business information.

Any equipment essential to your industry can be leased. And virtually any industry can be funded.

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